Tascam MS16 1″ 16 Track

| July 22nd, 2012

Along with the Otari MX 70, this is one of our main multitrack machines. We modified the amplifier cards to allow correct biasing for high-output tape.

Our favourite feature: LED readout on the vari-speed.

6 Responses to “Tascam MS16 1″ 16 Track”

  1. greg Says:

    I have purchased one of these machines but before it was shipped the owner informed me of a overheating problem on at least 4 of the cards. Was told this was a common problem and that if not fixed these cards will burn out. Is there any truth to this? Have you had any such problem? Was also told that replacement cards are available for $35-40 (US). This also does not seem correct. Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Greg

  2. Gaylord Johnson Says:

    Great machine, I only wish I could continue with my machine. I’ve got a MS-16 1″ 30 ips in top shape. do you know of anyone intersted in such a machine? I also have 27 reels and new calibrtion tape.
    thanks for your responce, Gaylord johnson, long live analog!

  3. admin Says:

    I’d certainly pass the word around for you.. What city are you located in?

  4. Carlos Says:

    I am interested in the MS16 but live in Buenos Aires Argentina! Could this be made? Thanks

  5. bart Says:

    I have some ancient/25yr old 16 tk tapes that were recorded with a Tascam ms16 30ips no dolby that I need transfered to pro tools. Baking will obviously be required as well.
    Can you do this?
    Bart Lewis

  6. Marckle Says:

    Hi!!! I will sell one beast very soon.
    good overall condition, not been used for two years now.
    have a great day!