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Scott at Electrodrone made us this amazing device that can function as either a 4watt amp head or a tube preamp/overdrive. The speaker out jack is switching, so when no speaker is connected, a resistive load goes into circuit allowing it to function as an overdrive box. Much thanks to Scott for adding our request at very late stage in the design: a relay-based bypass footswitch circuit. This is an original design but Scott tip his hat to the late Gar Gillies (Garnet), whose Herzog design was an inspiration .

As with the ZB50, he named it after a motorcycle, in this case the British Ariel Square Four:

Electrodrone ZB50 Amplifier

| July 28th, 2012

Our friend Scott Hodgson (Electrodrone) designed and built this very nice 50 watt high-gain amp for us in 2006.

He named it after this freaky 80s Honda motorcycle:

Tube complement

2x KT77 outputs/12AX7 preamp/12AU7 phase splitter

Features of note

Matching 2×12 cabinet with old Altec 4178H alnico speakers

Half volume switch (built-in attenuator)

switchable midrange cut


Here’s the chassis during its final stages of testing:

Scott’s father is an ace carpenter so we hired him to build the head and speaker cabinet enclosures. He used baltic birch.The finger joints fits together perfectly.

Tascam MS16 1″ 16 Track

| July 22nd, 2012

Along with the Otari MX 70, this is one of our main multitrack machines. We modified the amplifier cards to allow correct biasing for high-output tape.

Our favourite feature: LED readout on the vari-speed.

This is a really handy machine to have around a studio.

Some features:

  • Ajustable record bias
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
  • Third head for record monitoring (or tape delay)
  • Vari-speed
  • Dolby B and C
  • A built-in oscillator
  • LED readout with programmable cue points

This is our second string mixdown deck. While it doesn’t sound quite as good as the Studer B67, it’s been a sass-free workhorse. We bought it off our friends in the band Reversing Falls.

It has a few handy features, including:

  • Built in oscillator for speedier alignments
  • External NAB/CCIR EQ Switches
  • 3-way Fluxivity level switch

If you have this machine and you’re missing the manual, you can download it here.