Tape machines

Otari MX-70 1″ 8-track

Otari MX-70 1″ 16-track

Tascam MS-16 1″ 16-track (decommissioned and replaced with Otari MX-70 03/2016)

Tascam 58-OB ½” 8-track

Tascam 388 ¼ 8-Track

Ampex AG-350 ¼” full-track

Studer B-67 MkII ¼” 2-track

Otari MX5050BII ¼” 2-track

Nagra IS-LT ¼” full-track

Technics RS1500US ¼” 2-track

TEAC A3340S ¼” 4-track (courtesy of our friends and ace technicians Mécanik Synthetik)

Tascam 122MKII 3-head cassette deck

Tascam 414 cassette 4-track

Roland Studio Capture 16-channel sound card plus computer


1176 Peak Limiter (Revision A circuit homebrew; built using MNATS P.C.B.x2

1176LN Peak Limiter (Revision D circuit homebrew; built using MNATS P.C.B.) x2

PRR-176 Stereo Vari-Mu limiter (homebrew; built using AC Sound P.C.B) x2

LA-2A Levelling Amplifier (homebrew; built using Drip Electronics P.C.B.)

D-LA2A 2-Channel stereo linkable Levelling Amplifier (homebrew; built using [Silent:Arts] P.C.B.)

DBX 163X Overeasy Compressor

RNC1773–Really Nice Compressor

RNLA7239–Really Nice Levelling Amplifier

Valley Gain Brain II Variable Ratio Limiter

Valley Kepex II Keyable Program Expander/Gate X3

Valley 815 Dynamic Sibilance Processor

DBX 463X Overeasy Gate

DBX 263X De-esser

DBX 563X De-hisser

Reverberators/delays/other time-based effectors

Micmix Master Room XL515 spring reverb

Demeter RV1 Real Reverb spring reverb

Tascam RS-20 spring reverb

E1005 analogue delay line by Yamaha

E1010 analogue delay line by Yamaha

MF103 12-stage phase shift by Robert Moog

RE-201 Space Echo tape delay/reverb by Roland

Germanium spring reverb by Kitchener Electronics

Microphone preamplifiers

EMI REDD.47 type valve preamplifier (homebrew using Drip Electronics circuit board)

2 Channel EMI REDD.47 type valve preamplifier (homebrew using Guavatone circuit boards)

API 312 type with DI (Classic Audio Products of Illinois kits) x2


Studer 169 (a pair of 10 channel 2-bus consoles interconnected for 20 channels and up to 4 busses)

Ampex MX-10 4-channel 2-bus vacuum tube mixer

McCurdy Radio Industries PE2600 6-channel 2-bus mixer (all discrete transistors/modified to allow direct outs)

Tascam M520 20-channel/8-bus console (now departed)


C451-EB by Akustische und Kino-Geräte Gesellschaft: modular Field Effect Transistor small diaphragm condenser (we have the cardioid capsule)

C414-TLII also by Akustische und Kino-Geräte Gesellschaft: switchable pattern large diaphragm condenser

D190 again by Akustische und Kino-Geräte Gesellschaft: general purpose cardioid moving coil

MD441 by Sennheiser: hypercardioid moving coil with variable low frequency roll-off 2x

MD421 also by Sennheiser: cardioid moving coil with variable low frequency roll-off

MD421-II again by Sennheiser: cardioid moving coil with variable low frequency roll-off

SM7B by the Shure Brothers of Illinois: cardioid moving coil with switchable high-frequency emphasis and low frequency roll-off filters

SM57 also by the Shure Brothers of Illinois: cardioid moving coil

SM58 again by the Shure Brothers of Illinois: cardioid moving coil

RE20 by Electro Voice: cardioid moving coil

635A again by Electro Voice: omnidirectional moving coil

M380 TG by beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG: figure eight moving coil

M260.80 by beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG: hypercardioid ribbon microphone x2

M500 by beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG: cardioid ribbon microphone 

PR20 by Heil Sound: cardioid moving coil with elegant “simulated gold” grille

BG12 custom made: vacuum tube variable pattern condenser

AT4047 by Audio Technica: FET cardioid condenser

ECM8000 by Behringer: omnidirectional measurement electret


API 550A equalizer by Automated Processes Incorporated

Studer 169-type equalizer (homebrew) x2


4311 3-way Control Monitors by the James B Lansing Sound, Incorporated

MC 2120 amplifier by McIntosh Laboratory, Inc.

NS10m speakers by Yamaha: powered a McIntosh Laboratory Inc.  MC 2120 amplifier

VL-X5 by Tascam: self-powered (bi-amplification)

Headamp 6 by ART: headphone distribution amplifier

HM-54 by Mackie: headphone distribution amplifier


1960s orange sparkle 4-piece drum kit by Olympic

Bassman amplifier by Fender (1967)

Rebel II amplifier by Garnet

Solid state bass amp by Fender

ZB50 50-watt tube amp by Electrodrone

Square Four 4-watt tube amp/tube overdrive unit by Electrodrone

77R tube combo amp by Keil (Kitchener Electronics)

YC45D Combo Organ by Yamaha

YC-10 Combo Organ by Yamaha

RA-100 Rotating Leslie-style Speaker cabinet by Yamaha

Hammond S6 Vacuum tube oscillator organ

Pianet N electric piano by Hohner

Chopped home organ by Farfisa

Heintzman upright piano

Assorted percussion (concert tambourines; claves; cabasa; etc)

Sundry acoustic guitars, electric guitars and an electric bass


TimeLine MicroLynx

JL Cooper PPS-2

M-Audio MidiSport 4X4

Evolution 49 key midi controller

Maintenance tools

Mighty Mite II vacuum tube tester by Sencor

200CD wide range vacuum tube oscillator by Hewlett Packard

Hand-d-mag demagnetizer by RB Annis

TD-B1 bulk tape degausser by Audiolab Electronics

HP 1222A oscilloscope by HP

Agilent u1251b DMM with variable impedance dBm readout

1″; 1/2″; and 1/4″ calibration tapes by Magnetic Reference Laboratory